FBMUD 142 - Best Trash Questions and Answers

Jul 26, 2022See All Posts

As the District prepares for the handoff this week from Waste Management to Best Trash, many residents have asked questions about the logistics of the transfer of service, as well as the differences in cart size and pricing. To that end, here are some questions and the answers we have provided to residents in the District.

NOTE: Waste Management will be collecting recycling carts starting Wednesday, July 27, and will continue through Friday, July 29. Waste management will be collecting waste carts on July 30 through August 2. You can find more information on these dates in our previous article, https://www.fbmud142.com/blog/2022-07-13-fbcmud-142-notice-of-new-waste-collection-provider.

Best Trash will start delivering their carts on Wednesday, July 27. Do not put out the Best Trash cart for waste collection until August 3, 2022.

Resident Questions

Q. Is there going to be an increase to the residents for the change?

A. No. The resident cost in the water bill for the waste collection will remain unchanged for now. Annual cost increases are standard with these contracts, as are fuel cost offsets. These factors have and will continue to be considered by the Board when they review the rate schedule and how to manage the operational costs to the District.

Q. With the reduction of cart size from 95-gallon to 65-gallon, how will our trash and recycling be managed?

A. Best Trash has discontinued using 95-gallon carts due to employee injury; they do not have automated trucks like the previous provider, and 95-gallon carts are meant to be used in automated systems. Best trash manually collects and empties the carts on their routes into rear-loading collection trucks. The 65-gallon carts are also easier for our older residents to manage to and from the curb.

Q. We traditionally fill our current recycling and waste carts. How will the new system work with smaller carts?

A. The collection schedule will be operated as follows, to maximize the efficiency of collections; further, the crew will collect any trash placed next to the cart which is bagged, boxed, or bundled. The Board and Best Trash anticipate collecting the same amount of trash and recyclables each week.

  • Bulk Trash will be collected on both collection days
  • Trash that does not fit in the waste cart can be bagged in black or white plastic bags and placed beside the cart
  • Recycling that does not fit in the recycling bin can be bagged in clear or see-thru (blue is common) recycling bags and placed next to the cart

For more information on Best Trash collection and recycling guidelines, please navigate here and review the information provided.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the information above, please feel free to reach out via the webform on the District’s “Contact Us” page. For specific questions regarding waste collection and recycling, please contact Best Trash via email at: customerservice@besttrashtexas.com

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