FBMUD 142 – Creekside Ranch Drainage Investigation Update

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The Board of Directors for Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 142 (FBMUD 142) wanted to update residents in the Creekside Ranch community on the District’s efforts to improve the storm water drainage. The following is a list of projects and its status as part of this effort.

  • Desilting of Westheimer Lakes Drainage Channel - Completed. Champions Hydro-Lawn, our drainage facilities maintenance company, has completed the process of restoring this channel to original depth and grade.
  • Surveying of Andrus Creek Downstream of the Westheimer Lakes Drainage Channel - Both downstream property owners have signed the agreements to allow the District to proceed with field surveying of Andrus Creek (the outfall of this drainage channel) through their property. Surveying is expected to be complete by the end of August.
  • Drainage Analysis of Possible Andrus Creek Improvements - The Board of Directors of FBMUD 142 authorized a drainage analysis of Andrus Creek to evaluate what improvements could be completed. As soon as the surveying of Andrus Creek is complete, the drainage analysis will proceed.
  • Coordination of operations within the sand pit - Sprint Sand & Clay (the owner and operator of the sand pit) has made several modifications to the current sand pit mining operation which has improved the level of service within the area that drains to the sand pit. These changes should allow direct flow to the larger sand pit area prior to outfall into the Westheimer Lakes channel.

The Board wants all District residents to know the MUD Directors are concerned and aware of previous storm water drainage issues and are committed to ongoing communication of the progress to prevent any future problems.