Elevated Storage Tank Now Operational

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Towards the end of July, the combined efforts of teams from Jones|Carter and Environmental Development Partners (EDP) brought the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 142 (FBMUD 142) Elevated Storage Tank (EST) fully online, following a site review and testing of the connection to the District infrastructure.

DSC 2446

Directors Randy Carter and John Morgan oversee the final inspections by the contractor and engineering teams.

"With the continued development of homes in FBMUD 142, installing an EST is essential to providing continual and constant freshwater service. It is great to see our contractor working with our engineering team, Jones|Carter, to perform the final construction inspection so that we can bring our EST online,” said FBMUD 142 President Randy Carter, pictured on the left.

The elevated tank, which serves the Briscoe Falls, Creekside Ranch, and Westheimer Lakes communities, has a 500,000-gallon capacity. By comparison, a typical residential swimming pool is ~12,000 gallons; the Westheimer Lakes POA clubhouse pools are junior Olympic size, about 110,000 gallons. The EST could fill a clubhouse pool almost 5 times, or over 40 average residential pools!

The purpose of an elevated storage tank vs. a ground storage tank is to provide consistent pressure through the District water delivery system in the event of power loss, as gravity will push the water throughout the infrastructure during the time it takes to bring emergency power generation online at the main water plant, keeping water quality and service up for the residents.

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