FBMUD 142 – Creekside Ranch Drainage Investigation Update

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Following the extreme event rainfall that occurred June 25, 2020, the District’s Engineer, Jones & Carter and the District’s Operator EDP began investigating the District’s drainage facilities including the storm sewer facilities, drainage channels and detention facilities. The District’s Engineer and the District’s Operator were both on site June 25, 2020. The District’s Engineer surveyed the high-water elevations in multiple areas, and completed a hydraulic investigation of the District’s facilities. The District Engineer is also working on additional surveying to identify what improvements may improve operation of the District facilities and what modifications should be made to the sand pit mining operation.

The western portion of Creekside Ranch drains into the active sand pit mining operation run by Sprint, Sand & Clay. Sprint Sand & Clay has immediately made several modifications to the current sand pit mining operations, as requested, which will improve the level of service within the areas that drain to the sand pit.

The eastern portion of Creekside Ranch drains directly to the Westheimer Lakes Channel (WLC). Based on the observed backup of the WLC during the June 25th event, we are concerned that the drainage channel downstream of the WLC may be blocked by debris, dead trees and or overgrowth. The District’s Engineer is currently contacting the downstream property owners to obtain approval to investigate the drainage channel downstream of the WLC and Creekside Ranch. One property owner has agreed to allow the investigation to proceed.

There are several drainage improvement projects that are proceeding within the next 30 days in connection with the Joint Detention Agreement between FBCMUD No. 229 (JDS Nursery Tract, LLC) and FBCMUD No. 142 that will improve drainage for the overall area, specifically the level of service for the WLC. These improvements include improvements to the WLC the outfall into WLC as well as other drainage improvements within FBMUD 229 that are expected to improve drainage for both FBCMUD 142 and FBCMUD 229.

As part of their efforts to better serve the residents within their District, the FBMUD 142 Board has authorized the use of a drone to perform a monthly topographical survey of the area to identify any elevation changes in the District’s facilities and the sand pit operation. The FBMUD 142 Board has also authorized that the extreme event outfall swales and other easements be mowed and maintained by the current maintenance provider, Champions Hydro-Lawn, Inc. to ensure that proper drainage is maintained.

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