Resident Alert: People Posing as MUD Officials

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Earlier this summer the residents of Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 142 (FBMUD 142) observed a Black Ford vehicle driving through the streets of the District with a man and a woman in the front seat. The vehicle had a sticker or magnet on it “in the shape of a badge” that read “FB MUD 142” and were recording homes and yards with a camera.

When approached by a resident, the driver and passenger were unkind and rude, and provided no information as to who they were and what they were doing. This activity and verbal altercation are alarming for a number of reasons.

As an update to residents, the Board of Directors of FBMUD 142 do not operate a vehicle with MUD credentials on it, as no such vehicle exists. The only authorized companies to act on behalf of the Board within the District Boundaries are Environmental Development Partners (EDP), the District Operator, and Jones|Carter, the District Engineer. Any other contractor or agency acting on the Board’s behalf would have their company logos on their shirts and/or vehicles and would have proper identification. The District does not own or operate any vehicles in or around the community.

Luckily, there does not appear to have been a repeat of this behavior since the original occurrence. However, if residents do see someone pretending to act as or on behalf of the District, or if there is someone acting suspiciously in the neighborhood, the Board encourages you to contact the Sheriff’s or Constable’s office to report it. As always, in the event of an emergency, please contact 9-1-1 immediately.

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