FB MUD 142 Resident Update regarding City of Houston Main Line Break

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Feb 28th, 2020 3:36 PM - Update from the District Operator (EDP)

  • There are no Boil Water Notices in effect for Water Systems operated by EDP.
  • All regional water authorities have confirmed that they are not issuing a boil water notice. We have received that in the form of an official notice from NHCRWA and WHCRWA.
  • We have verified that there were no calls for loss of pressure that could be attributed to the City of Houston loss of pressure.
  • Operations has verified the pressure and chlorine levels of all systems receiving surface water.
  • There were no calls from EDP facilities related to loss of pressure or low levels in storage tanks.


Fort Bend Municipal Utility District 142 (FBMUD 142) residents may have learned that there is a main line break that is affecting the City of Houston. A boil water notice has been suggested for residents of the City of Houston only.

This news post is to let FBMUD 142 residents know this boil water notice and main line break will not affect the District. The District does not receive any service or water from the City of Houston, and the system is working as designed and without issue.

Again, the District will not be affected in any way by the situation in City of Houston.

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