FBMUD 142 Residential Awareness Open House Summary

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The board of directors for Fort Bend Municipal Utility District 142 (FBMUD 142) hosted a resident awareness open house on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. The district would like to thank everyone who came out and asked excellent questions of the board and their consultants.

Attendees were able to ask questions directly of the engineer regarding the capital improvement plan, learn how tax rates and assessed property values can stay steady even when bonds are issued, and review all the legal aspects of the bond authorization with the district’s attorney.

For those who were unable to attend, we have compiled a digital document similar to the one handed out to residents who joined us at the event; this can be viewed on the web as well as downloaded, printed, and shared to social media.

View the Open House Digital Handout

Additional information regarding the bond authorization election can be found on a separate page of the website, 2019 Bond Election. This is a condensed version of the conversations that were had at the open house, and provides a lot of good facts regarding the bond authorization process, the needs of the district, and how projects are funded. Further funding option information can be found in our website news feed.

Share this important election information to your neighborhood social media outlets using the share buttons above; Facebook, Nextdoor, and Twitter shares can help neighbors understand the upcoming bond authorization election. Again, thank you to those who came to attend!