What is the NFBWA fee

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The North Fort Bend Water Authority (“NFBWA”) is a governmental entity created by the Texas Legislature that assists in converting the region within its boundaries from using groundwater to predominantly surface water in order to combat subsidence.

The NFBWA assesses a fee for both groundwater and surface water usage by residents. This fee is used by the NFBWA to fund projects intended to reduce regional subsidence and to meet legislatively-mandated surface water conversion goals. You can find more information on the NFBWA and their programs at their website, www.nfbwa.com.

The NFBWA fee that you see on your bill is not a fee levied by the MUD; it is a mandatory fee levied by the NFBWA that is passed through to you via your water bills. This fee is based solely on how much water you use in your home.

If you have any further questions on this or anything else related to FBCMUD 142, please do not hesitate to utilize the contact form on the District website.